Truss Repair

At Custom Truss we know how important it is to keep your project on track. In the event you need a repair letter, you will receive it within 24 hours.

Every truss is made up of lumber and metal connector plates that are carefully designed and manufactured to carry specific loads. Sometimes, webs or chords get cut or broken, plates get bent or come loose or maybe the truss is too long. The simple solution seems to be to just hammer on a scab or reinforce the truss. Please be aware that damage, alterations and improper installation can greatly reduce the strength of a truss.

What to do if a truss is damaged, altered or improperly installed:

Report any damage, alterations or installation errors to Custom Truss immediately. Do not attempt any repairs without a repair detail and letter from Custom Truss. Repair the truss exactly as indicated by the truss repair letter and details. Keep the repair letter for the building inspector. Damages for trusses vary so much that there is no "typical" truss repair. Our truss designer will look at your exact situation and properly specify the size of any scabs or gussets and types, sizes and spacing of any required fasteners. Truss repairs will often specify: Plywood gussets over damages joints and plates. Nail on plates. Scabs over damages chords or webs.


If the damaged truss is repaired correctly, the final truss will support the same loads as the original truss.