Truss Design

Wooden trusses are made of wood and steel plates. What is often forgotten is the all important design and engineering of the entire truss system including roof trusses and floor trusses. The attention and detail that go into this critical phase account for around 30% of your total truss price.

Our truss design services begin with your plans. A truss designer carefully inputs plan data and specifications into our truss design software. The truss-design-software-300x228designer interacts with you and your architect to value engineer a truss system design that meets all of

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your job requirements and most cost-effectively incorporates architectural features like vaulted ceilings, coffers, attic rooms and openings for HVAC ducts and stairs.

Some truss companies let the sophisticated truss design software automatically design the truss system and the individual roof trusses and floor trusses. At Custom Truss our designers have been trained to continuously tweak the design to produce trusses that provide structural integrity and desired features with minimum lumber and plates. This is an important factor in keeping your truss prices as low as possible. All truss designs are carefully reviewed by our senior designers who have engineering degrees.

After the initial design, a truss layout is produced for review by you and your architect. Carefully inspect all dimensions, roof pitches, overhangs, load bearing columns and walls and specified architectural features. After review and acceptance of the layout your trusses are ready for cutting and assembly.

Your final truss package will include finalized truss layout and sealed truss engineering in accordance with how the roof trusses are actually built and delivered.

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Our Custom Truss Design Services include:

Select any of the links above to learn more about our approach to each custom truss design service we provide in and around the South Florida area. We know you’ll find our experience and knowledge unlike any other truss manufacturer in the area. We’re also confident that you’ll find we use the newest technology available, which helps keep costs competitive and our truss design service as quick and efficient as possible.