Engineered Wood Parallam Beams

What are Parallam Beams?

The brand Parallam is an engineered wood product made from parallel veneer strands and adhesive bonding. Parallams can be used for for beams, headers and columns. Parallam is manufactured by Weyerhaeuser and is the only parallel strand lumber available in the USA. Rectangular in shape, Parallam comes in widths of 3½", 5¼” or 7", depths between 9¼” and 18" and a maximum length of 70 feet.


Why Engineered Wood Parallam Beams?

Ideal For long spans and heavy loads, parallel strand lumber beams are a good alternative to glulams and steel beams. Builders like Parallams for many reasons. They are stronger, stiffer, straighter, and longer than nailedup 2-by beams — with the added advantage that they don’t have to be nailed up. Most sizes are available in a week or less and can be shipped throughout South Florida and the Caribbean along with our other Engineered Wood Products including Roof Trusses, Floor Trusses and TJI joists. When placing your order for Parallam, don't forget the steel connectors. Long lengths require a crane or lift to unload and set the beams, although our builders have successfully handled lengths up to 16 feet with four men. Parallam can be cut with circular saws, although you may need to cut from both sides and finish with a handsaw. Parallam can be drilled and nailed just as solid lumber.