Additions & Renovations – Custom Designed Roof and Floor Trusses

Custom roof and floor trusses for any addition or remodelCustom Truss can provide trusses for any Addition or Renovation no matter how simple or complex. Our designers are used to working directly with homeowners, contractors and architects to custom design floors and roofs that most easily tie into your existing roof. Even on a small addition it’s usually easier to order a few trusses and set those than to frame the roof by hand.

No matter how well designed the original and new trusses are there will always be a small amount of hand framing required. How a new roof ties into an old roof will obviously depend on the existing structure and the planned addition. In fact, “tying in” is often not even covered on an addition plan, being left to the framers’ discretion.

In order to ensure the best possible match with

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your existing structure, Custom Truss recommends optional field measurements by one of our trained employees.