Truss Hangers

Simpson Strong-Tie Truss Hangers available from Custom TrussYour floor trusses and roof trusses will sometimes require Truss Hangers. Custom Truss carries Truss Hangers from Simpson Strong-Tie. We stock common Truss Hangers and can order any specialty Truss Hangers your job will require.

Benefits of Truss Hangers

  • Truss Hangers provide a secure means of support to connect timber beams, joists or trusses.
  • Truss Hangers are available in in a variety of widths.
  • Various configurations of truss hangers are available, thus offering a range of load values whilst keeping economy in mind.
  • Simpson Strong-Tie Truss Hangers have been tested to establish safe working loads.
  • Truss Hangers have been designed for timber to timber, timber to steel or timber to concrete connection applications.

Specialty Truss hangers from Custom Truss LLC

Installation Requirements

  • Supported truss must butt firmly against girder or wall.
  • No gap is allowed.
  • Torsional restraint strap must be used on multiple member girders in accordance with specification.
  • Hangers must be fully nailed into both back and side flanges.