Roof Trusses

Engineered wood 

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What are Roof Trusses?

Roof trusses are a rigid, strong frame work made up of wood members, such as 2” X 4”s, fastened and held together by metal connector plates. Essentially a series of triangles, roof trusses are designed according to geometric principles and account for the shape of your roof and support the roofing materials. Most bridges are designed using the same principles.

How do Floor Trusses Compare to Stick Framing?

WTCA (Wood Truss Council), in cooperation with the Building Systems Council of NAHB (National Home Builders), sponsored the Framing the American Dream® project to better understand wood framing. For comparison purposes two identical house plans were completely framed using two different methods – wooden roof trusses and traditional stick framing.

Stick framing took 142.5 man hours and used 7,210 board feet of lumber. Engineered roof trusses took only 59.5 man hours while only requiring 4,875 board feet of lumber. Using engineered wooden roof trusses instead of traditional stick framing saved 83 man hours and 2,335 board feet of lumber.

Benefits of Using Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses on Truck for Delivery

Comprised of the finest grades of kiln-dried, stress-rated southern yellow pine and Alpine metal connector plates, our roof trusses eliminate deviations in roof line and provide a totally custom engineered roof truss system, taking into account all necessary uniform and concentrated loads including hurricane and special wind conditions.

  • Built for strength and durability, our roof trusses assure you and your customers optimum structural integrity.
  • Roof trusses can be manufactured in long spans, up to 85 feet long, reducing or eliminating the need for interior bearing walls, beams, columns, or footings.
  • Special bearing, cantilever and balcony details are easily built in.
  • Hip and valley roof systems are much easier to build using trusses than with conventional framing.
  • Roof trusses can be used with a variety on-center spacing to optimize strength and lumber resources.
  • Structures are dried in more quickly, saving time weather related delays, resulting in “time saved on project”.
  • Roof trusses allows for greater architectural design and infinite shapes and sizes including vaults, coffers and trays.

Other wooden truss services and products we currently offer include:

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